for what it's worth (a few thousand words?)...

Philly Folkfest 2003 - Camp Smegma, Ani Rose, and the Devo Cleanup Crew.

A couple pix from Ty & Katie's wedding:
Me and Kat and Hilabean
My sweetie and me

Melbourne Beach pix

Teaser: one pic from Greece

unfinished Greece gallery (Oct. '02)

Me and bx at Philly Folkfest '02 (photo by ReadHerring)

Sing-Along "Sound of Music"!

Fun with hair (and fake plastic hair):

Lewes, Delaware - July 2002

Jody's party - June 2002

The famous shot of the bed landing on Irv's back stairs... Alas, poor Ian!

Sailing trip, Australia - Jan-Feb 2002:

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